Hong Kong Yahoo! Style Trend Guide and the Fashion Secrets of Louis Koo

If you’re into Asian movies, you might have come across with him – Louis Koo. He’s the leading actor of the new Hong Kong action movie – Overheard 2 (which is also shown in Australia). Today, I’m going to share a story of this hottie by Hong Kong Yahoo! Style Magazine  , and walk you through the content, visuals (Cranny-Francis 2005), and information architecture (Morville & Rosenfeld 2006) of the article.

Though Yahoo! Trend Guide is an online magazine, it is obviously imitating the visual format of a traditional print magazine (Cranny-Francis 2005). The layout of the cover page even keeps the spine of a normal magazine, and you can `flip through’ the magazine with the navigation function at the bottom right hand corner.

 Figure 1: Cover page of Trend Guide Issue 16 (Ng 2011)

However, it features something that a normal magazine won’t. First of all, each page of Louis Koo’s story is comprised of a flash slideshow of his pictures. Readers will get to see him posing for the outfit at different angles before the flash brings in the text.

Figure 2: the flash slideshow of the article (Ng 2011)

Figure 3: layout of the page after the flash slideshow (Ng 2011)

Secondly, it includes a video clip of Koo’s interview that readers can choose to consume the story audio-visually. And of course, you can share the article to Twitter and Facebook or read the previous issues of the magazines with the buttons at the bottom right hand corner of the wireframe (Morville & Rosenfeld 2006).

Figure 4: video clip of the interview with Louis Koo (Ng 2011)

Although Ng (2011) has provided great alternatives for readers to consume the story, he seems to forget about what he has stated in the title and the opening paragraph of the article – Decoding Louis Koo’s fashion secrets. Including the cover page, there’s only 1 page about Koo’s styling tips out of the 6-page story. More than two-thirds of the coverage is about Koo’s new flick, which is then followed by a list of behind-the-scene videos.

Figure 5: video list of behind-the-scene moments of Overheard 2

Overall, this is a successful story about Louis Koo but not a very strong fashion story. Or I should say Trend Guide has kept the traditional print magazine style in the celebrity cover story – more about their work, their life, and a little bit of their fashion secrets. A more suitable title of the article will be `Overhearing Louis Koo’.


1. Cranny-Francis, A 2005, Multimedia: texts and contexts. London: SAGE, pp. 27-54.

2. Morville, P and Rosenfeld, L 2006, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web 3rd Ed., Sebastopol: O’Reilly, pp. 41-54.

3. Ng, T 2011, `Cover Story’, Yahoo! Hong Kong Style Magazine, August 2011, Issue 16, p.1-6, accessed 14 September 2011, <http://hk.lifestyle.yahoo.com/magazine/index.html>.

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2 Responses to Hong Kong Yahoo! Style Trend Guide and the Fashion Secrets of Louis Koo

  1. blandinakwok says:

    It is so unbelivable that YahooHK has now included so many new technologies which help readers to read more easily. It also provides so many mediums with which the readers can invlove more into the story! Nice Job YahooHK!!!

    • yvonnekong says:

      I know!!! Back then Yahoo HK wouldn’t be the most ideal place for fashion fans to surf for new stories. But I do feel like Trend Guide does a much better job than Yahoo HK normal fashion news articles. I was blown away when I first saw the video clips!

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